CAAC-ACP Flight Operation Efficiency Workshop

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In keeping with ACP’s commitment to support activities to further aviation operation efficiency, ACP held a Flight Operation Efficiency Workshop on October 25, 2019 in Beijing. The Workshop was organized by CAAC, FAA, ACP with funding support from USTDA. Approximately 110 participants attended.

The Workshop included US representatives from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, Landrum & Brown, IMSG, Strategic Planning Services (SPS), and The Boeing Company.

Chinese attendees came from many stakeholders including CAAC’s Operation Supervisory Center, Air Transportation Department, Air Traffic Regulations Office, ATMB, and regional bureaus. There were also representatives from 37 busiest Chinese airports, 11 major Chinese airlines, and aviation research institutes and universities.

CAAC Operation Supervisory Center DG Ma Bing, FAA Senior Asia-Pacific Air Traffic Representative Michael Watkins, and FAA North Asia Senior Representative and ACP Co-Chair Nicole Didyk Wells provided welcome remarks. CAAC Operation Supervisory Center DDG Sun Shaohua and FAA Command Center CDM/ATFM Specialist Tom Nielson delivered keynote speeches. Primary discussion topics included regularity optimization process and methodologies; ATC, airline and airport operation efficiency metrics; flight schedule maintenance; and using new technologies and procedures to enhance operation performance.

While acknowledging the importance of  this Workshop, CAAC Operation Supervisory Center DG Ma Bing expressed interest in establishing a long-term cooperation and exchange on best practice with ACP to further optimizing China’s flight operation efficiency. ACP agreed to assist and would continue to place priority on activities that further safety, capacity and efficiency of China’s aviation system.