October 22-24, 2019 ATM Safety and Efficiency Work


On October 22-24, ATMB and ACP held workshops on ATM Safety and Efficiency; and Weather Impacts Aviation.  They were held in Beijing and partially sponsored by USTDA.  The workshops brought together senior industry and technical experts from both countries to share experience on the development of an optimized ATC environment in China.  Building from ACP/IMSG’s study on Quantifying Weather Impacts on Aviation Pilot Project, there was a deep discussion on how to mitigate the impacts of weather on aviation. The workshops were well attended and included presentations by ATMB Deputy Director General Wen Xuezheng; several senior representatives from ATMB regional offices, Chinese airlines, airports, research institutes and universities.  We also were joined by experts from ICAO and US companies including Airlines for America, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, FedEx, Metron, IMSG, Boeing and Honeywell. Over a 100 experts and delegates participated.  We also were pleased to be joined by FAA’s Command Center ATFM Specialist Tom Nielson; FAA Support Manager for Airspace and Procedures Brandon Roop; and Sr. Asian-Pacific Air Traffic Representative Michael Watkins.  ACP Co-chair Nicole Didyk Wells provided opening remarks.

The workshops were highly interactive and included in depth discussions on air traffic flow management, wake turbulence recategorization operations, datalink systems to improve safety and efficiency, and weather forecast impacts and collaboration. Deputy Director Wen Xuezheng said that ATMB benefited from ACP’s Xi’an Airspace Optimization and SAAGO projects. He also said that ACP serves as an important bridge for US-China air traffic management cooperation, and in the future hopes to deepen and widen the cooperation.

We  would like to express our sincere thanks to FAA, USTDA and all our participating member companies for their efforts and contributions.